Built organizational framework inspired by complex adaptive systems for large consumer company

Working with leaders of the company across divisions, we sought to understand the connection points between different groups – how and when they should work together as well as the impact they have on one another – to create a framework that showcases their collaboration and how it maps to the Product Development Lifecycle (PDL) phases and tools.


With the intent of breaking down silos within the client’s company, leadership looked to illustrate how different divisions are connected and dependent on each other’s success to manufacture products and increase revenue. The company also looked to incorporate new product development thinking and methodologies that champions innovation while reducing technical risks of product launches into new and existing markets. 


We interviewed project leads across organizations to understand their divisions, roles, contributions, and collaboration touch points. We learned that, especially in global product manufacturing organizations, time, risk, and process are crucial to a successful launch. Employees also wished to work differently, to understand needs and the impact of their role, and to redefine the organization’s structure in a way that clearly articulated when and how they should collaborate. We researched business applications of complex adaptive systems as well as looked at its broader applications to develop a framework and benchmark visual inspiration. We facilitated collaborative work sessions with clients to gain alignment on a on a full communication package.  


Inspired by atomic molecular bond structure visualizations, we developed a core framework that connects the different divisions involved in launching new products internationally. The outer ring ties in the twelve steps of the product development lifecycle, as well as the questions and best practices used to evaluate risk in each phase.  


Well-received, the framework helped align leadership and is now widely shared and distributed internally. Once the framework was developed, we were asked to create the high-level messaging strategy and deep-dive technical guides. 

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